What is the Corporate Challenge?

The Corporate Challenge is a friendly competition among area businesses and organizations and a fun way to promote fitness, team-building, and healthy lifestyles at work. Businesses will create teams and compete to see who can achieve the highest employee participation rate in Festival Foods Grandad Half Marathon events and earn bragging rights as the healthiest organization in La Crosse! All events qualify under the Corporate Challenge.

Any business, profit or non-profit, and all employees, full or part-time, may participate in the Corporate Challenge. Based on size, your business will be recognized in one of the following divisions:

  • Small Company: < 25 employees
  • Medium Company: 25 – 99 employees
  • Large Company: 100 – 499 employees
  • X-Large company: 500+ employees


There will be separate team challenges for the 5k run and half marathon based on fastest finish times. Businesses are allowed to have teams in both competitive events, in addition to the participation challenge. Each team must consist of at least three employees. One employee must be at least 35 years or older and one must be female. A female who is 35 or older fills both requirements. Chip times from each team will be averaged. Prizes will then be awarded to the fastest businesses of the 5k run and half marathon!


There is nothing additional you need to do as a corporation, except get your employees registered to take part in all of the events offered during the Festival Foods Grandad Half Marathon! If all of the miles from all of your company’s participants reaches the amount of miles listed below based on your company’s size (ie: Half Marathon = 13.1 miles, 5K = 3.1 Miles ), you will be given an additional 5% in participant points to be added onto your total for Small, Medium and Large companies or an additional 25 participants to your team’s total for X-Large companies.

Small Company: <25 employees - 75 miles
Medium Company: 25-99 employees - 175 miles
Large Company: 100-499 employees - 350 miles
X-Large Company: 500+ employees (winner in this category is based on participant numbers, not percentages) - 650 miles

How does the Corporate Team Challenge Work?

  • Awards will be given to 1 winning team from each division.
  • Winners in the Small, Medium and Large divisions are based on the percentage of participation by employees at your workplace.
  • Winners in the X-Large division will be based on raw numbers, not percentages.
  • While family and friends are encouraged to participate, only company employees may be counted for points in the Corporate Challenge.
  • Each team must designate a captain who will serve as the liaison between the company and the Festival Foods Grandad Half Marathon.