Grandad Half Marathon Relay

May 4th, 2019

Want to be part of the excitement of a half marathon, but would prefer not to run the full 13.1 miles? You can! Find a friend and form a half marathon relay team. Relay teams may only have 2 people, and may be all male, all female or mixed gender. The two legs of the relay will each be approximately 6.5 miles. The Festival Foods Grandad Half Marathon Relay will be held on Saturday, May 4, 2019.


Packet Pick-Up will ONLY take place at the Dahl Family YMCA (Downtown La Crosse) from 12pm-8pm on Friday May 3rd.


May 12th - May 20th: $80.00
May 21st - January 1st: $90.00
January 2nd - February 28th: $100.00
March 1st - April 30th: $130.00
May 1st - May 4th: $145.00

Online Registration Instructions

The teammate registering for the team will be considered the "Team Captain". This athlete will be the main contact for the team, will receive registration confirmation and will register both members at the time of registration. Please have all of your teammate's details ready to go when signing up!


2019 Course map


The half marathon relay will start with the half marathon on the top of the historic Grandad Bluff. Both races will start at 8:00AM sharp.

Participants will be riding shuttle buses to the two starting locations for the relay – one set of busses to the top of Grandad Bluff for the first leg participants, and the other to the relay exchange point for second leg participants.

Relay participants will be timed using Chronotrack's B-Tag system. This will be a neoprene ankle strap that the team members will exchange at the exchange point near Fiesta Mexicana Restaurant.

1st Leg Participants

Shuttle buses to the starting line will be available from the corner of 2nd and Jay Street (outside of the La Crosse Center) the morning of the event. Buses will begin running at 5:50AM and leave when filled  – at approximately 6:15, 6:30 and 6:45 (times may vary as buses will fill at different rates). The last bus will leave no later than 7:00AM. The shuttle trip will be approximately 15 minutes. Please incorporate this into your race morning plans.

2nd Leg Participants

2nd Leg Participants: All relay participants running the second leg of the race should take the marked buses from 2nd and Jay Street (near packet pick-up location). All buses to the relay point will leave at 7:35AM.  Buses will drop participants off at the relay point, where they will meet their teammate as they finish their portion of the half marathon.

Shuttle buses will take first leg participants from the relay point to the finish line where they can cheer on their teammate as they finish the race.